A Guide To Betting Brokers

The term ‘betting broker’ is a broad one that includes a wide variety of organisations who share the goal of facilitating bets on behalf of their clients. They typically offer one or more of the following services:

– A web-based platform to enable clients to access a variety of bookmakers through a central portal.

– Account provision for difficult to access betting accounts, usually including the large Asian bookmakers such as SBO, IBC, ISN and Singbet. These bookmakers have historically welcomed profitable players.

– Skype betting or other transactional services that enable clients to strike bets through an intermediary which are not normally available through more conventional means.


At Bookielink, we provide all of the above services, and more!


The main advantage of using a bet broker over a traditional bookmaker is the access to far greater liquidity from bookmakers across the world, resulting in larger available betting volumes at better prices. Whether this is achieved by using our online platform to place large bets simultaneously across multiple bookmakers, accessing our skype brokerage to request custom bets or signing up to our account agency to trade with Asian bookmakers, Bookielink can ensure that all bettors are able to access the best prices at the largest volumes.


When choosing a betting broker, it is critical that prospective clients focus on the security of their funds, the quality of customer service and the legal status of the operator. Bookielink is a fully-licensed organisation with staff in Europe (UK, Cyprus), Asia and Africa. We have operated in the industry for over 10 years and have cultivated a reputation as a trusted, secure partner and low-cost partner with a history of prompt settlement and exceptional customer support. We believe that Bookielink is the ideal partner for all bettors looking to increase their access to liquidity and achieve larger volumes at better prices


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